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Show Gold Calf Grower  Feed Medicated14.03.5A lower fat, higher protein feed for the early growth phase of show calves – focusing on bone and muscle health.
Show Gold Calf Finisher & Fitting Feed Medicated12.05.0A high fat ration to help produce a stouter, smoother finish with enough protein to feed the muscle.
Show Gold Heifer Developer Feed Medicated14.03.5A low fat, high fiber feed to produce volume, cover, ad that soft “show-ring” look – but not too fat to cause problems later.
Show Rite Cattle Grower11.03.0Higher protein, lower fat to achieve frame and muscle growth without excess condition. Utilize “Grower” to build frame and add muscle to growing cattle. Feed “Grower” after “Creep/Finisher” to “hold” a market animal once desired fat cover has been achieved. “Grower” is feed of choice when feeding show heifers.
Show Rite Cattle Creep/Finisher11.53.0Higher fat, lower protein to maximize performance and add “smooth finish” to market cattle. Utilize “Creep/Finisher” early in feeding program to meet desired finish. “Get ’em Fat, Get ’em Hairy”! If needed, switch to “Grower” to hold market animals once desired finish is achieved.
CC High Fat Stabilized Rice Bran Pellets13.018.0Feed 1 to 2 pounds per day with current feeding program. Amount will vary according to species.

Callaway Triple Select (Large Flake), Sure Pick (Medium Flake), and Premium (Fine Flake)

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