We currently offer three bedding products:

  • Callaway Triple Select (Large Flake)
  • Callaway Sure Pick (Medium Flake)
  • Callaway Premium (Fine Flake)

Quality Pine Bedding – Our superior technology ensures that your horse only gets the best pine bedding.

Super Soft Texture – Our plush and comfortable shavings ensure a happy home for your animals.

No By-Products – Callaway Farms shavings produce only organic, dust free and healthy bedding for your animals. Unlike many others, our pine shavings are manufactured from whole pine trees and the green wet shavings are then dried and screened to remove dust. Even the dust is recycled and used to fuel our manufacturing facility.

Kiln Dried for Absorbancy – Provide extra insulation for your animals with our kiln dried pine shavings.

Triple Select

(large flake)

TRIPLE SELECT is a LARGE FLAKE product and our bestseller. The shavings gently expand as they relax after being ultra-compressed for portability and shipping. Because these shaving are custom-designed to be ultra thin, they will have the capability to cover a greater area than a typical bale of shavings. Therefore, fewer bales will be needed in stall restoration and will be more cost effective in large applications.

10+ cubic feet ultra compressed to 2.66 cubic feet)

Sure Pick

(medium flake)

SURE PICK is a specialty pine bedding custom manufactured to achieve a MEDIUM FLAKE size flake. These shavings are easy to pick and will reduce labor in daily stall management.

(8.0 cubic feet ultra compressed to 2.44 cubic feet)

Callaway Premium

(fine flake)

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