Kittens practically triple in weight during their first three weeks of life.  Until he reaches 12 months, your kitten requires about twice the nutrients per pound of body weight that a grown cat does.


Feed your new kitten two or three scheduled meals per day.  At the beginning, moisten with water or milk – one part liquid to three parts FRM Premium Cat Food.  When he reaches 12 to 14 weeks of age, your kitty’s teeth are pretty well developed and he no longer needs moistened food.

From the time he is six months old until he reaches one year, feed him FRM Premium Cat Food, dry, twice daily.  Or, you may try a self-feeding program, in which you make FRM Premium Cat Food available to him throughout the day.  It remains fresh in the bowl for long periods of time and its crunchiness helps keep your kitten’s teeth clean and gums healthy.

FRM Premium Cat Food, dry is the most economical and easiest food to serve and is specially formulated, top quality kitten food that has the right amount of vitamins, minerals and protein to meet your pet’s needs during his growing year.

Do not feed your kitten dog food; it doesn’t contain enough protein to meet his needs.  Also avoid giving him raw meat or raw fish.


FRM Premium Cat Food is the only food your cat will ever need!  Table food may appeal to your kitten, but you could be creating a finicky eater who turns up his nose at what he should be eating in favor of “human” food – nutritionally inadequate for a cat.  Besides, some kittens’ digestive systems will not accept eggs, milk, cheese, and other “table foods”.  Never feed your kitten chicken, pork or fish bones.  They can splinter and stick in his throat or digestive organs causing injury, choking, or death.

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