Now that you have decided to bring a kitten into your life you have much to look forward to!  You’ll have the fun of playing with and petting him, the reward of teaching him all the things that a well-behaved cat should know, and the pleasure of watching him grow from a tiny, furry kitten into a sleek, healthy adult cat.

Mankind has been enjoying the company of cats for over 4000 years of recorded time.  From the ancient Egyptians to our present time, cats have been worshiped, adored, romanticized, feared,  hated, and misunderstood.  Today, more Americans have cats as pets than ever before.

Kittens are extremely easy to care for, but providing for a feline does require a certain amount of time, effort, and money!  Kittens and cats are inexpensive pets, but your budget will have to make room for annual medical checkups, vaccinations, routine and emergency visits to the veterinarian, and any medications your cat may need.

You will also want to be certain that your kitten or cat has a nutritionally balanced diet, featuring FRM Premium Cat Food.  We have blended all the food elements that a growing kitten and a healthy cat need, into our FRM Premium Cat Food.  It’s the only feed your cat will ever need.

Although all cats are solitary creatures by nature, they do need love and attention.  Cats are ideally suited to today’s lifestyles.  They are self-sufficient, not requiring the constant supervision of other pets.  Cats adapt very well to the fast pace of today’s pet owners.  Your reward to providing for his needs can be one of life’s most satisfying pleasures – a long-lasting and loving relationship between you and your pet.

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