Safety First Training

For a long and happy life!  Teach your dog –

To stay on your property.  Teach your pet not to stray beyond home grounds.  Attach a 50 foot lead to his collar.  When he wanders close to your property line, surprise him with a sharp, upsetting tug on the leash.  He’ll soon learn that your property l lines mean “Stop Here”.

To stop at street curbs.  More dogs are lost through tragic motor accidents than sickness.  As you and your dog approach a street crossing, stop him at the curb with the command “Sit!”  Do not let him arise until you walk forward and command “Come!”  Very soon he’ll automatically sit and wait at each curb – without danger of the happy dash ahead that might end unhappily.

To pass other dogs in peace.  Two dogs, meeting, like to eye and sniff each other – it’s their way of sizing up the other fellow.  But i either dog raises his hackles, then command your dog to heel at once.  If he’s free, slip on the leash and firmly urge him on with you.  Passing up the first street brawl helps avoid later encounters.

Not to chase cars.  The first time this dangerous notion strikes  him, try your command “Come!”  If, in his excitement, he ignores it, then resort again to your long training lead.  Deliberately tempt him to chase a passing car, and forcefully upset him at the same time you call “Come!”  A confirmed car-chaser may require the rougher cold water treatment.  You drive off with a friend at the wheel and, as the dog comes alongside, dash a full bucket of icy water straight in his face.  This cold water cure is rough, but is usually works.

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