Tips On Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Trust your veterinarian . . . be guided by his advice.  This section of the leaflet is intended only to help you understand some problems on dog health that you may encounter, and to help you distinguish between mild temporary upsets that may occur and symptoms of a more serious nature that are best treated by a competent veterinarian.

When sickness strikes your dog, generally the first telltale sign is the dog’s mood or his persistent lack of appetite.  Eyes and nose often indicate illness.  Eyes may look red and inflamed.  The nose may discharge heavily.  Other symptoms of trouble are a fever, cough, persistent vomiting, a change in the color or consistency of his stools.

The following are a few of the more extreme symptoms of disease which should be observed with concern:

If vomiting persists, or if blood or bile (green-colored fluid) is thrown up, the condition usually is serious enough to call for prompt professional attention.

Likewise if diarrhea persists after giving your dog a teaspoon of milk of magnesia three times a day, consult your veterinarian.  In the case of constipation, exercise and a properly balanced diet (such as FRM) help safeguard against it.  If the dog is straining, give him a teaspoonful or tablespoonful of mineral oil, depending on the dog’s size.  If relief is not rapid, consult your veterinarian.

Allergies can cause eczema, either moist or dry and scaly.  It can also be caused by improper diet, lack of cleanliness and grooming, or generalized infections.  Mange is caused by microscopic parasites burrowing into the skin, which results in itching, irritation or loss of hair.  Consult your veterinarian immediately if any of the above symptoms appear.  Symptoms of worm troubles may include bloated stomach, pale gums, dry coat, bloody diarrhea or dark, blackish stools.  Periodic examinations and gums, dry coat, bloody diarrhea or dark, blackish stools.  Periodic examinations and prompt veterinary treatment at the first indication will relieve severe worm infestations.

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