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4 days ago

We have several hundred authorized F-R-M dealers across the Southeast that proudly carry our products. Visit our interactive Dealer Locator to find a F-R-M dealer near you! ... See more

5 days ago

We have seen great photos of our customers with their deer harvest - keep them coming! Upload your photos on our website or tag us on social media!
*Be sure to tag our page and use a hashtag! ... See more

1 week ago

We hope you all have a relaxing Sunday! What are you up to today? Share your pictures with us! Tag @frmfeed #frmfeeds #myFRMstory

1 week ago

Next Tuesday is just a few days away! We have so much to show you at the expo!

1 week ago

For many of you, this weekend is opening weekend for firearms in Georgia. We want to wish you GOOD LUCK and to be safe in the woods. After year-round labor of preparing food plots, hanging stands, ... See more

1 week ago

Happy Friday!
Are you local to Bainbridge or within 40 miles? Did you know that F-R-M has 4 dealers within 40 miles of our mill that stocks our freshly made feed each week. Stop by and meet some of ... See more