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“Our pledge from the beginning has been to strive with our sincerest efforts to elevate the standards of this business in which we are engaged, and to so conduct our affairs that others may find it desirable and profitable to follow our example.”

Company Profile

F-R-M has been supplying the feed industry with innovative formulas and technologically advanced feeds since 1927.   F-R-M has long been dedicated to providing customers with a complete line of products made from the highest quality, most palatable feed ingredients – always keeping in mind the developmental stages of each species. We have always, and will continue, to strive to produce useful, needed products of the highest quality at fair prices.

Availability and Freshness…NO PROBLEM!

We deliver our product through a network of dealers in Georgia, Florida, Alabama and South Carolina fresh from our manufacturing facility in Bainbridge, Georgia each week.

Why F-R-M?

Since 1927, F-R-M has been supplying quality mineral and feed products to the southeastern United States.  We are Red, White, and Blue to the core!

F-R-M was a trusted name by your Grandfather, your Father and now, hopefully,  a trusted name by you.  We are southern people in a southern business.  We understand the demands of our customers and how to feed their animals.

F-R-M is one of the few remaining independently owned dealer based animal feed companies in the southern U.S. and the country.  Most of the rest have been bought out or closed down.

F-R-M is built on providing a high quality product to you at a reasonable cost.  You can always buy something cheaper, but it will never prove to be a better buy for the money.

F-R-M is more than just a feed company, we are partnering with you to keep the private ownership of animals thriving and profitable in our market area.

What does this last point mean?  It means that F-R-M is committed to becoming a resource to help you build a profitable business.

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Robin Shiver, Jr. of Bass Assassin Lures, inc and Logger’s Run

I have been using F-R-M Deer Mineral for two years. In 2010, the deer ate half a ton of F-R-M Deer Mineral; in 2011, consumption increased to a full ton. The first year on F-R-M Deer Mineral, horn mass increased and our yearling crop improved; and the second year, the yearling crop TRIPLED! By late summer/early fall, the 2011 yearlings were bigger than the 2010 yearling crop had been by that time. I attribute this directly to the amount of mineral that the does consumed and I’m looking forward to 2012 being an even better year.

Robin Shiver, Jr. Bass Assassins, Inc. September 21, 2018

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