For Beef Cattle On Pasture.

Designed for the pure bred breeder to use year round and the commercial cattleman to use 30 days prior to calving through rebreeding.  This mineral contains chelated minerals for improved bioavailability.

Calcium, Min. 13.60%
Calcium, Max. 16.30%
Phosphorus, Min. 8.00%
Salt, Min. 18.20%
Salt, Max. 21.80%
Magnesium, Min. 4.00%
Fluorine, Max. 0.08%
Manganese, Min. 2200 ppm
Zinc, Min. 5000 ppm
Copper, Min. 2000 ppm
Iodine, Min. 80 ppm
Cobalt, Min. 50 ppm
Selenium, Min. 52 ppm
Vitamin A, IU/Lb., Min. 250,000
Vitamin D-3, IU/Lb., Min. 25,000
Vitamin E, IU/Lb., Min.

This product contains added Selenium. Do not permit excessive consumption. Intake of supplemental Selenium from this mineral should not exceed 0.3 ppm on a complete ration basis, or 3.0 milligrams per head per day for beef cattle or 0.70 milligrams per head per day for sheep.

This is a complete mineral. Do not feed any additional salt. Feed free choice to beef cattle on pasture in covered mineral feeders. Provide adequate amounts of fresh water at all times.

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