I have been using F-R-M Deer Mineral for two years. In 2010, the deer ate half a ton of F-R-M Deer Mineral; in 2011, consumption increased to a full ton. The first year on F-R-M Deer Mineral, horn mass increased and our yearling crop improved; and the second year, the yearling crop TRIPLED! By late summer/early fall, the 2011 yearlings were bigger than the 2010 yearling crop had been by that time. I attribute this directly to the amount of mineral that the does consumed and I’m looking forward to 2012 being an even better year.

-Robin Shiver, Jr.


Ken Hosford of Liberty County harvested this tremendous 16-point buck that weighed 195 pounds and green-scored 187-6/8 inches as a non-typical.

“I feed the 20% protein F-R-M Mid-Way Deer Pellet. It is an excellent, soybean based pellet, containing all of the essential vitamins and trace minerals for maximum antler growth. While many of the other deer pellets on the market today are nothing more than recycled cow feed, the Mid-Way formula is specifically designed for maximum protein absorption for whitetail deer.”

The first year we switched to the F-R-M Midway Deer Pellets, we witnessed an enormous increase in antler development for our whitetail deer at the Big Bucks Preserve.  There is no other feed that can impact antler development like F-R-M Midway Deer Pellets.

Johnny Blue Craig


Dear F-R-M, 

I just finished feeding my chickens and thought about how much I appreciate your well-made product. My chickens certainly do enjoy it and I love to feed it to them. Thank you for making such a good feed that not only keeps my chickens healthy and strong, but helps produce fantastic eggs.

Clinton Evans
Sopchoppy, FL


"This feed has made a difference in the success we've enjoyed the last few years. It's taken our animals to the next level." 

(Speaking about F-R-M's Show Gold Show Calf Feeds)

Dr. Cliff Bailey
Bainbridge, GA

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