Research has proven that providing deer with balanced mineral fortification greatly enhances the development of antlers and contributes to the overall health and well being of the herd.  This usually translates into larger deer being harvested from the range with more substantial antler development.  It can also mean a larger deer population, since many of the minerals and trace minerals found in FRM Deer Mineral are essential for growth and proper reproductive performance.


Calcium, Min. 13.50%
Calcium, Max. 16.20%
Phosphorus, Min. 8.00%
Salt, Min. 40.50%
Salt, Max. 45.50%
Magnesium, Min. 1.00%
Sulfur, Min. 1.00%
Potassium, Min. 500 ppm
Manganese, Min. 2200 ppm
Zinc, Min. 4000 ppm
Iron, Min. 3000 ppm
Copper, Min. 500 ppm
Iodine, Min. 50 ppm
Cobalt, Min. 50 ppm


This mineral is not designed to be fed in troughs or feeders, it is specifically designed to be fed on the ground.

Select a location where the animals will naturally frequent.  A food plot, near a watering area, along a worn path, etc.

Clear an area 4 to 6 feet in diameter of leaves, grasses and other debris.  You may either make a shallow depression in this area and spread one bag of F-R-M Deer Mineral, or dig a trench approximately 3 feed long and 4 inches deep and pour a bag of FRM Deer Mineral into this trench.  In both cases you must cover the mineral with a very thin layer of soil (some may be stirred in with the mineral) in order to give the lick a natural appearance.  When covering the mineral, attempt to use natural objects in order to avoid leaving a human scent on the mineral.

Replenish the mineral lick as needed.  You will find that consumption varies during the year.  Heaviest consumption will occur during the spring and summer seasons.  This mineral should be fed on a year-round basis.

Use 1 to 2 bags of F-R-M Deer Mineral  on every 60 to 80 acres of land.  Inspect the mineral licks created on a regular basis and replenish as necessary.

Many of the mineral products for deer on the market contain artificial flavors and fragrances, vitamins, enzymes and other organic compounds that will tend to lose their potency and effect very rapidly upon exposure to moist soil conditions.  In fact, many of these ingredients will become stale and moldy, thereby reducing the acceptance of the mineral by the deer and the safety of the product when consumed by the deer.  F-R-M Deer Mineral, on the other hand, contains only NATURAL MAJOR MINERAL INGREDIENTS and a balanced menu of TRACE MINERAL INGREDIENTS to fortify the natural mineral nutrition of deer on free range.  When fed as directed, FRM Deer Mineral becomes a part of the natural surroundings.  The only evidence that FRM Deer Mineral has been fed will be the depressed area of ground where the deer have fed on this natural mineral lick.

Why attempt to attract deer with fragrances and flavors when a natural mineral lick will not only congregate the deer, but do an excellent job of fortifying the mineral needs of the animals and, thereby, help improve their growth rate and overall condition and well being?

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