Selecting the Right Mineral Supplement for Beef Cattle

Selecting the Right Mineral Supplement for Your Beef Cattle Arturo Pacheco, PhD For beef cattle to maintain health, optimal growth and reproduction a number of minerals are required. Selecting the correct mineral supplement can be an intimidating task. Since high quality forages and properly balanced supplements can furnish a portion of the required minerals, producers

Mineral Needs for Mares on Winter Pasture

  Dennis H. Sigler, Ph.D. F-R-M Horse Nutritionist and Consultant Extension Horse Specialist Texas A&M University       The Fall of the year is a great time to talk about the importance of a good nutritional program for pregnant broodmares.  Research has shown that improving the mare’s nutrient status during pregnancy helps: 1.  Reduce

The Facts of Deer Feeding

As hunters, we are all interested in bagging that “Trophy Buck”, the one with the Boone and Crockett rack that is always in the “mind’s eye”, but seldom if ever, makes an appearance when we are hunting.  The only way to assure that there is a possibility of bagging that trophy buck is through a

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