Grass Tetany and F-R-M Wintergrazer Cattle Mineral
What does the term Grass Tetany Mean? Grass Tetany is a term generally given to a disturbance occurring in ruminants usually characterized by low blood serum magnesium levels.
What are some of the symptoms of Grass Tetany affected cattle? Excitement, incoordination and loss of appetite, viciousness, staggering and falling, muscle twitching, anxious or wild look, grinding of the teeth, labored breathing, usually followed by convulsions and death.
What type cattle are normally affected with Grass Tetany? Older beef cows nursing calves while grazing oats, rye, or wheat pasture. The better cows in the herd are normally the most susceptible to the problem.
How do you know a herd is suffering from Grass Tetany? When you see any of the above symptoms, you should call your veterinarian. He is qualified to give a tentative diagnosis.
Under what weather conditions is Grass Tetany more likely to occur? During cool, cloudy, sloppy weather extended over a period of 2 to 3 days.
Is there a fertilization and liming program for pastures that will control Grass Tetany? There have been some recommendations concerning the use of Dolomite Lime that would normally seem to be beneficial in controlling Grass Tetany, but it seems to have no measurable effect.
What work was done by Flint River Mills to investigate and seek a solution to the Grass Tetany problem? Mr. Loyd Poitevint (deceased), Flint River Mills, Bainbridge, Georgia, cooperating with Dr. Bedell and Dr. Miller with the Animal Disease Department of the Coastal Plain Experiment Station, Tifton, Georgia, several local veterinarians, and cattlemen who had the Grass Tetany problem in their herds, worked together to seek a solution to the Grass Tetany problem. The 1st year they treated more than 1000 head of cattle where Grass Tetany had been diagnosed in each herd treated. There was not a single case of Grass Tetany occurring once the herd was fed the supplemental product, from which later evolved the product, FRM Wintergrazer Cattle Mineral.
What did Flint River Mills do with the information gathered during this work? Keen interest from the cattle industry worldwide is evidenced by the requests for detailed information from the following states and foreign countries, some behind the Iron Curtain: Oregon, Michigan, Washington, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Norway, Canada, Czechoslovakia, and Poland.
What was found to be the best method of controlling Grass Tetany? To supply the animal with supplemental magnesium.
Why do we use Magnesium Oxide rather than some other source of magnesium? Because Magnesium Oxide is a highly concentrated source of Magnesium and it is highly available and palatable. FRM Wintergrazer Mineral contains a minimum of 14% Magnesium.
Does FRM Wintergrazer Cattle Mineral have the other necessary elements that are required to keep a cow healthy and doing well? Yes. It provides adequate levels of all trace minerals, salt, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins A & D.
How much FRM Wintergrazer Mineral should a cow consume daily? Approximately 4 ounces per day.
When should you feed FRM Wintergrazer Mineral to help prevent Grass Tetany? Start feeding 30 days before turning in on rye, oats, wheat, or millet pasture. Continue feeding during the time brood cows are grazed heavily on temporary grazing.
How do your feed FRM Wintergrazer Mineral? Feed free choice in covered mineral troughs or feeders allowing sufficient feeder space. Make sure you have enough mineral feeders for your herd (approximately one for every 25-30 head of cattle).
Should you feed any other supplements, blocks, or salt while on Wintergrazer? Definitely not. FRM Wintergrazer Mineral plus good rye, oats, or wheat is all you need.
Will it help to feed FRM Wintergrazer Mineral after it is evident that some cows have Grass Tetany? Yes. When Magnesium deficiency is acute, mix 200 pounds of Wintergrazer Mineral with 1800 pounds of ground feed and feed 5 pounds per cow per day for 2 or 3 weeks. Then, put cattle on FRM Wintergrazer Cattle Mineral free choice, as long as they are on heavy temporary winter grazing.
Can Wintergrazer Cattle Mineral be fed year round? Yes.
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