“We want to compete at the highest levels and win! we’ve got young horses, seasoned horses all at different level and the F-R-M products we feed allow them to perform at their optimum levels! To make a horse a real champion, you’ve got to feed that horse right. We are a firm believer in F-R-M horse feeds!

After switching to F-R-M Paradigm horse feeds we have noticed that our horses look better and seen to be more even minded. They have more energy and perform better. They put on weight but did not get excited or hyper. It was REMARKABLE!

F-R-M knows how to make feed.”

With titles ranging from World Champion, numerous winnings at NCHA Open and Novice Horse Top 10 World Finalist to NCHA Hall of Fame, Casey Moore, owner and operator of Casey Moore Cutting Horses in Williston, Florida, with wife, Annette Moore, knows what it takes to win and says, “F-R-M is a big part of that winning combination.”

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